Wadi Hanyfa Parks
After its completion, the Wadi Hanyfa restoration and rehabilitation project will enable the area to become a touristic attraction for those who enjoy hiking and open scenery. The valley is especially unique after restoring its contaminant-free natural state.
The Masmak Fort
Considered to be one of the Kingdom’s most important historic sites, the Masmak fort is especially significant to the history of Riyadh and the Kingdom. It is a representation of the blessed initiation that led to the establishment and unity of the Kingdom, due to its significance and link with the heroic battle that took place under the command of King Abdul Aziz Bin Abdul Rahman Al Seoud, may he rest in peace, on the 5th of Shawal 1319 (A.H.). The reclamation of the fort was a representation of the reclamation of the city of Riyadh.
The Zoo
Established in 1377 (A.H.), the zoo is one of the most important educational and recreational sites as it contains 1,300 animals representing 164 different species of mammals, birds and reptiles. The zoo is also home to local and international endangered species.
Al Salam Park
The Al Salam Park project was adapted from different environments, including the farm environment that is located in the northern part of the park and contains what remains of the palm trees of the old farm. Newer palm trees were planted later on and now there are currently one thousand palm trees. This area offers a model of the traditional farm, where visitors can choose to sit and enjoy the shade of the palm trees. This gives visitors more room to simulate the old farm experience in real life and choose how to spend their time at the park.


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